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Q: Warranty

A:  HuionIndonesia.com Offers 12 Months full warranty from the date of purchase. The Warranty card will not valid for servicing & for Accidental Damage and Handle improper way. The Warranty Card does not covers the damaged part due to neglect, improper installation, misuse, Lightning, Flooding & electrical fluctuation. Warranty covers the warranty against all manufacturing defects in material and workmanship.

Q: How can I get the update software?

A: You can download the new driver from our website.
1. Uninstall your old driver: Click [Start] [All Programs] [TABLET] [Uninstall].
2. Download the latest version of driver in the download section and save it into your hard disk.
3. Unzip the file in a folder on your hard disk (with Windows built-in unzip utility or a program like Winzip for instance).
4. Double-click the Setup.exe in the folder where you unzipped the file.

Q:The tablet cannot work. How can I do?
A: Please follow steps as showing below:

1. Please pull off the tablet’s USB plug from the computer.

2. Remove the Tablet driver from the system.

3. Re-connect the Tablet’s USB to the computer.
3.1 Check whether the tablet’s LED is blinking or not? If the LED unlighted,that means your tablet is fault.
3.2 Test your wireless digital pen on tablet working area, if it can work as amouse, which means the hardware is OK.If it doesn’t work, please change the battery with a new one.
3.3 After changed a new battery for the pen, if it still not working, that means the hardware is fault.

4. You can download the latest version of driver directly from our website.

5. After installing the new version of driver, the system will require you to restart your computer.

If you do not have the pen pressure, it means the pen might be faulty.

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